digital transformation

Connect and operate data with reusable components in a unified "Integration Platform as a Service" (iPaaS)

Connect Data, Applications, API-s and Things

Infologic brings unified and reusable solutions for IT organizations and business' IT to integrate data across different sources: applications, services, things, etc. - by incorporating "Integration Platform as a Service" (iPaaS) solution, driven by elastic architecture.


Get your data organized


Connect cloud or on-premises applications

Things (IoT)

Connect things

Messaging (EDI)

Exchange vital data with business partners

Who uses Infologic iPaaS?

Small/Medium sized Businesses

Ready-made solutions and affordable price plans for businesses with moderate needs will accompany their journey and maintain competitive level in ever changing digital era.

Corporate departments

Decent tools, reusable components and elastic architecture will offer corporate level departments formidable capacity and a reliable set of options to sustain digital transformation pace.


Modular approach and enhanced architecture will offer significant flexibility to accomplish tasks of any level of complexity.