Need a flexible integration environment?

Infologic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is here for you!

Reusable components.

Unified building blocks for any integration task or process creates a pleasant experience.


Scalable application.

Workloads are handled in a proactive fashion. Should the application handle more tasks it is ready to ramp up.


Elastic architecture.

Solution maintains required resources capacity at the given point of time which provides cost-efficient environment. It is ready to face rapidly increased demands by allocating additional resources. So as to decrease allocated resources should they be no longer needed.


Rapid integration process.

Ready to use building blocks will keep you focused on the integration process rather than development.

document Connect data

You are able to prepare and direct data in desired way for further representation or transfer to destination partner.

browser Connect applications

Utilize platform capabilities and connect data across different applications be it cloud or on-premises.

smartphone Connect things

Apply data from things in analytics and decision making process.

briefcase Connect business partners

Empower your business with conventional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Send and receive messages.

speedometer Speed up data integration

Combine components and projects into unified data ecosystem for your needs.

stack Standards and versions

All implementations are standards based and broke up into versions, which ensures your ability to join in at any level of readiness or start off fresh.